Call him... Judge Tread.

SCENE: The dark streets of ProForm city. A RUNNER is running in place. Across the street JUDGE TREAD is on patrol. He shouts out.

JUDGE TREAD: You there! Stop all that running! Can't you see this area is marked as a no-running zone?

The RUNNER laughs and points at the paint on the ground. The RUNNER is standing in the only empty space. It looks like some worker didn't finish his or her job.

RUNNER: Ha ha, Judge Tread! There's no paint right here! That means I can legally run as long as I don't step over the paint! You can't do nothin'! Ha ha!

JUDGE TREAD looks at the paint, then looks at the RUNNER.

JUDGE TREAD: How'd you get there in the first place?

RUNNER: I ain't sayin' nothin', Tread! Maybe I was born here!


JUDGE TREAD: Okay, fella. If that's how you want it. Here's a ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill on me. I'll even turn it on for you.

RUNNER: Hey, wait a second-

JUDGE TREAD: What's wrong? You wanna run, don't you? Let this iFit Technology do it's job. Enjoy it. All you have to do is run.

RUNNER: Judge Tread (puff puff) I'm getting... I'm getting tired... I gotta... I gotta rest...

The RUNNER steps off the treadmill and onto the paint.

JUDGE TREAD: Walking in a prohibited space. Two years hard exercise.

RUNNER: Crime just doesn't pay.

JUDGE TREAD: With that attitude maybe you'll get parole.

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